Entrepreneurs Game

The game of finding an entrepreneur similar to my own


Date: 2017
Category: Education Entrepreneurship Game
Project Size: 6 weeks
My Contribution: Project Management Game Design
Tools: paper prototype


I worked on this project in the summer of 2017. "Build Your Company" is a simulation game developed at Oeclab targeted towards elementary school students. At its most basic, the game is a presentation building tool that lets players experience being an entrepreneur. I designed the game to make players complete each task following a level-based user flow. The ending is a final idea pitch deck. The "Entrepreneurs Game" was a part of the BYC.


Through conducting BYC thinking aloud testing with actual players, I realized that though elementary school children can easily identify a problem and propose a solution, most feel lost once they have to monetize their ideas.


I placed mentor entrepreneurs. The players would take a simple personality test and be matched with mentors based on real-life entrepreneurs, such as Sheryl Sandberg, who would provide indirect clues to guide players towards a sustainable business model. By providing guidelines at each difficult juncture, the mentor character helped players successfully navigate the final stage in the next playtest.

initial sketch: entrepreneurs character design

I chosed entrepreneurs and made a propensity test. Students will be matched with an entrepreneur character, one by one.

initial sketch: game logic

in progress sketch: game logic

The chosen entrepreneurs are familiar to those who are interested in startups, but the students may not be familiar. Therefore I have provided a detail of the entrepreneur and a description of the company.

the prototype of entrepreneurs' character cards