Reducing bounce rate

Reducing bounce rate in two websites


Date: 2018
Category: UX Marketing Data Analysis
Project Size: Solo Project, 8 weeks
My Contribution: Project Management Marketing Data Analysis Tools: Google Analytics


In 2018, I launched a project to decrease bounce rates for two websites, and (now was a website dedicated to recruiting applicants for the Startupinternz program(startup job-matching program). Since April 2018, the number of program applicants had been decreasing. After looking at Google Analytics, I realized that the bounce rate has been steadily increasing since the website was remade, so I started this project to reduce the bounce rate. was launched in August 2018 and served as a website for the entrepreneurship education program. Since the launch, the website had maintained a high bounce rate, so the Bounce Rate Decrease project was conducted.

As a result of the project,'s monthly bounce rate improved from 71.79% to 38.21%, and's monthly bounce rate improved from 87.26% to 36.31%.



Google Analytics: comparison overview of

This is the data for the three months since the May 2018 reorganization was compared to the data for the previous three months. Pageviews dropped about 40% and bounce rate increased about 16%. On the other hand, the average time spent on the average page increased by 131.39%. Users spend more time on one page, but the rate of moving to the next page is reduced. For more detailed analysis, I looked at data by acquisition path.

Google Analytics: acquisition chennels comparison

Bounce rates increased with Organic Search and Direct, but goal 1 conversions also increased. Goal 1 is to download the application form. On the other hand, Paid Search and Other's bounce rates increased significantly, while Goal 1 conversion rates also dropped sharply. Most of the people who come through Organic Search and Direct are already aware of the Startupinternz program, and most of those who come through Paid Search and Other can be classified as new people. Therefore, although the behavior of those who knew the Startupinternz program did not change much, the behavior of people who visited the website after the reorganization of the homepage is very different from the existing users.

Google Analytics: increased bounce rate of

The bounce rates for Paid Search and Others surged in May and continued. At this time, Paid Search users are mostly coming from the facebook campaign, and Other users are mostly coming from Startupinternz’s Naver blog. In addition to the homepage reorganization, changes in Facebook ads might affect the bounce rate. So I checked if there was a change in the advertisement and confirmed that there was no change. In the end, I concluded that the problems occurred in the homepage reorganization, and proceeded with the improvement project.


  1. Due to the extremely high termination rate, we replaced the content of the landing page significantly. Instead of the content that the homepage managers want to provide, the content that the visitors need is placed.
  2. The design of the landing surface area was modified. We replaced all the images, text, and buttons.
  3. Introduced drop-down navigation. Since there were quite a few menus, we organized them with drop-down navigation to keep users from getting lost. The improvement of the Information Architecture was not considered too much in the reorganization project.
  4. To reduce the time it takes to load the page, we replaced the youtube iframe video on the landing page with an image.
  5. Inserted horizontal bar between menus of mobile navigation to improve readability.

Google Analytics: decreased bounce rate of

After the project, the monthly bounce rate improved from 71.79% (July) to 38.21% (October).



Google Analytics: high bounce rate of

In August 2018, was newly launched. However, because the bounce rate was close to 90%, improvement was needed. had an excessively high bounce rate, considering that users only enter search and other channels without advertising.


Google Analytics: browser share of users

  1. Most of the visitors were teachers and were connected via desktop computers during work time. I drastically reduced the size of the image files due to the poor specifications of the school's computers. There was a slight decrease in image quality, but I decided to sacrifice to improve loading speed.
  2. I modified the navigation of the PC view to fixed-top navigation so that the navigation menu can be clicked regardless of the scroll position.
  3. I have placed additional areas that can be clicked. I added three buttons to the landing page so that there is a clickable area anywhere on the page.
  4. I added a mouse over action to the click area to make the click area clearly visible.

Google Analytics: decreased bounce rate of

After the project, the bounce rate improved from 87.26% (August) to 36.31% (December).