Crowdfunding website


Date: 2011
Main Purpose: crowd funding website
Project Size: 2 Web Programmers and 1 Web Designer, 16 weeks
My Contribution: Web Development
Stacks: HTML CSS JavaScript PHP MySQL Apache Ubuntu

landing page


Upstart allows individuals or groups to initiate creative projects to raise funds for the public over the Internet. In return, we provide a platform (Internet marketplace) that promises a reward of "other than monetary". This is commonly referred to as crowdfunding.

Information Architecture of was a crowdfunding website that connected creators and public sponsors. Public sponsors were able to support the creators' projects via the website. The creators were able to access separate admin pages to manage their projects and sponsors were able to see and support a project. Patrons were able to log in the website and support the project using credit card, account transfer, and cellular payment. It was made with PHP hard coding without a framework.


  • It was my first commercial web development. I learned how to make a commercial website. I had to worry about various issues, such as privacy, security, bugs, backup system, source code management, and alert system.
  • Security was important because payments were made on the website and money was handled. I learned about hacking techniques that are frequently used, and I learned about the security of web servers.
  • Due to the online payment environment in Korea, we could not implement the service we wanted. Through this process, I learned about the online payment process in Korea.