Massive Open Online Course(MOOC) website


Date: 2013
Main Purpose: Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)
Project Size: 1 Web Programmer and 1 Web Designer, 12 weeks
My Contribution: Project Management UX Design Web Development
Stacks: HTML CSS JavaScript jQuery PHP MySQL Apache Ubuntu

initial landing page


oeclass.com was a website for MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), 2013's business model. It was an online education service that experienced industry professionals who don't have a teaching practice acted as a teacher. We continued to test offline for training validation and built an MVP website for online education delivery. The delivery of the lecture consisted of video and text. People also learned through assignments and feedback.

Instructors' lectures were taken by us and uploaded to the 3rd party video hosting server. Instructors were able to write and modify lectures directly through a rich text editor.

Learners were able to take courses on a program-by-program basis, were given a project assignment, and provided feedback from the instructor upon submission. Since I pursued social learning, students were able to conduct discussions with other people at each round.

It took about three months from the start of the planning to building the MVP, and conducted beta testing. With Seed funding, we were able to build an MVP website, but there was a limit to proceeding with a small team of one designer and one Programmer. We failed to receive additional funding for advancement, and the website was closed as the business model changed.


  • In order to provide paid video, it was necessary to prevent the client from recording the video. I also had to prevent the client from saving the video. To gain high level of security in network, client and server, I chose to use 3rd party video hosting server. I judged it would be difficult to make all the functions by myself.
  • Most Open source text editors are made in English. Therefore, there were many unpredicted problems when using Korean. I learned about the problems and difficulties that arise when creating a rich text editor. I tested about 5 famous rich text editors and used CKEditor because it had the least errors in Korean.