Real-time, location-based coupon service


Date: 2011
Category: Mobile Application Contest
Project Size: 5 members, 8 weeks
My Contribution: Business Development UX Design
Tools: Powerpoint


It was a project that participated in the 2011 Korea University Mobile App Startup Contest. It consisted of five team members. We won the LGU+(sponsor) Award.

LGU+(sponsor) Award


With the spread of smartphones, smartphone users can always access the Internet. But the advertising of the stores did not change in spite of the spread of smartphones. Sale of discount coupons using social commerce has begun to be made, but more efficient marketing will be possible if the location information of the smartphone is used.


Coupons are sold on a first-come, first-served basis to service users around a store for a short period (about 3 hours) in real-time. We thought it would be able to attract higher participation because it targets users around them. We also tried to increase participation by providing a limiting factor called first come, first served.


The app's push service informs potential customers of nearby stores. The user sees the coupon in the area, purchases it, visits the store and redeems the coupon.

mockup of the application


We have planned an application that takes full advantage of the real-time, location-based characteristics of smartphones. It was expected to show a high purchase conversion rate because it targets customers in the vicinity.