3D Printing a Company Signboard

3D modeling and printing to create a company signboard


Date: 2018
Category: 3d Print
Project Size: Solo Project, 3 weeks
My Contribution: Project Management Design
Tools: Tinkercad


I made a company signboard using 3D printing. I modeled using software and printed using a 3D printer of Digital Innovation Park.

the final comapny signboard


Company members agreed to make a signboard in front of the company's office. Usually, companies used wooden carved boards or plastic printed boards. I might use a similar method to others, but I wanted to try something unique.


I tried to think about how to make it, and I wanted to make a board with the company's identity. The 3D printer, which is widely used in maker education, will be used to make a signboard. I thought it would be helpful to educate students to do 3D printing in person. Modeling, printing, and coloring were done to complete the unique board.


First I envisioned what form to make. Considering the maximum output size of the 3D printer to be used, I decided to make it 200mm * 200mm. I decided to realize it in three dimensions by taking advantage of 3D printing. I did a quick numerical calculation.

calculation of dimensions

I chose the modeling tool, learned it, and modeled it myself. Tinkercad was used among various modeling tools. It was the best program for me because it's free, made by Autodesk, a popular CAD program marker, and supports the STL file format.

3d modeling process

The output could be carried out free of charge at Digital Innovation Park. I applied for a printout online using the completed STL file, and after about a week I was able to receive the finished printout. The board was output to the DP200 printer. The first test prints were used as company decoration, and the second one was used until rebranding.

the first and the second printed materials

The third design was completed, reflecting what I learned from the former two outputs.

the third printed material

The finished panel was painted with acrylic paint. All members were involved in this process of coloring. Through this process, we made our only one board in the world.

signboard hanging ceremony with my team members

One more thing

I presented in my company with this first-hand experience from modeling to printing. Everyone had time to learn about 3D printing and to do some simple modeling. Through this process, every member had experience in 3D printing and used it to create educational programs.