Find Your Doggie

Finding the dog species most similar in character when you answer the questions


Date: 2018
Category: Web Application
Project Size: 2 Web Programmers, 1 week
My Contribution: Backend Web Development
Tools: Ruby on Rails Heroku Github


This web application finds the dog species most similar in character when you answer the questions. It is a side project.

part of landing page


Each year a large number of dogs are abandoned or lost and are going to shelters. As of 2017, more than 100,000 animals were abandoned and lost in Korea and 72.5% of them were dogs. Of the animals rescued at the shelter, 27% died naturally and 20% were euthanized. (Source: 2017 Animal Protection Center Status-Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock Quarantine Headquarters (Korean))


If people don't buy a puppy at a pet shop and adopt a pup from the shelter, this problem can be solved a bit. To do this, we decided to nudge people to adopt a puppy. A simple Q & A game will create a bond with a dog. As a result of the game, the application recommends a puppy with a similar personality and shows a map of the surrounding puppy shelter.

part of result page


Sunwoo and I decided to complete it in a short time like Hackathon. We went for two days from foundation to publishing. We proceeded in the order of 'Brainstorming-Design-Coding'.


Among the various ideas, We decided to select a project that can be implemented in a short time. Both of us were studying web development, so we decided to do some web-related projects. Both of us loved dogs, so there were many ideas for dogs.


In a similar way to personality tests such as MBTI and Enneagram, the classification of personalities is made through questions and answers. The dog's species personality is based on tags that appear in Google search results. The scores were categorized by propensity category, and the user’s answers and similarities were calculated to show the closest puppy as a result.

Google Spreadsheet: categorizing dogs


Sunwoo handled the front-end development, and I was in charge of the back-end development. I developed with Ruby on Rails, which I used often.

Google Spreadsheet: calculated data

In the DB, six categories of personalities were entered and scores were entered for each of the dog's species. When the user answers 12 questions, six category scores are calculated. This score is compared with the scores of the dogs in the DB and the dog who has the smallest difference is returned as the result.

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