About me

Hello World! I am Jeesub Lee,

a software engineer, an entrepreneur, and a lifetime learner.

First of all, I am an engineer. I wonder how the world works and try to find out. When I was a young boy, I fell in love with a computer while experiencing computer games, the Internet, and convenient software. That is why I started working as a software engineer.

I am a serial entrepreneur. I have worked at two startups as a co-founder. I always have a passion for user-oriented design and try to develop products that help people's daily lives. I enjoy a challenge and like to solve difficult problems.

I am also a lifetime learner. I majored in electronic engineering, but I don't limit myself. I believe that I can continue to learn new things, and I am expanding my reach. This attitude allowed me to work in various fields, such as management, business development, UI / UX, marketing, etc. Thanks to this experience, I have been expanding my perspectives.